Fiesta de Filetes

Art with food becomes an edible masterpiece

El Gastronomia el Buzo en Managua Nicaragua.Gastronomia el Buzo

The extensive menu at Gastronomia el Buzo is a mouth-watering gallery of spectacular dishes. Each dish is a piece of art on a plate. If you are a food connoisseur, this is a must destination while in Managua, Nicaragua.

spaghetti mil colores Spaghetti Mil Colores

These eye-pleasing creations prove that the kitchen leader isn’t just a chef; he is also an artist. The owner and the chef have worked together for the past 7 years, but 2 years ago they had a new vision and started creating masterpieces at Gastronomia El Buzo.

spaghetti revisitacionSpaghetti Revisitacion

Casimirri, the owner of Gastronomia El Buzo, shared with me that “All my dishes are inspired by something, a dream, an image or even an idea.” He continues by saying: “Inspiration to my dishes come to me at the oddest time. The ‘Tiramigiu’ dessert was inspired during my drive from Leon to Managua. I was admiring the landscape which sparked an idea for this unique eggplant dessert.” – I know it sounds weird but it is so out of this world delicious. (This is what I had for dessert.) He continued: “Yo no trabajo, yo me divierto” (“I don’t work, I have fun”)

tiramigui Tiramigui

Alessio Casimirri - ownerAlessio Casimirri, Owner of Gastronomia El Buzo

The aspiration at Gastronomia el Buzo is that the flavors of each dish explode in your mouth, exciting you to take the next bite.

Casimirri personally goes out 3 times a week to catch the fish that will be served later that week. Their bountiful organic garden provides him the fresh ingredients needed to provide dishes such as: Fiesta de filetes, Pulpo a la peruana, Langosta de Miguel Angelo, Rissotto mil colores, Crusando el mar rojo and many others. The list of unique delicious dishes is endless.

In this quaint and charming place they have over 400 different varieties of wines.

extensive selection of wines Extensive Selection of Wines

Gastronomia el Buzo Gastronomia el Buzo

The LingoHut team highly recommends this restaurant from the appetizer through desserts. To learn more about this gem of a restaurant on Km 13 Carretera Sur, Managua, Nicaragua, visit the Facebook page.

a great appetizer - ensalada caprissiAppetizer – Ensalada Caprissi
owner fishes 3 times a week to serve fresh fish dishes Casimiri Fishes 3 Times a Week to Serve Fresh Fish
end of a perfect eveningEnd of a Perfect Evening

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