Advertorials and Paid Placements

Above all, LingoHut wants to keep language learning free forever.

Why advertorials? Because we need partners to make free language learning possible. Take a minute to thank them by reading their blog.

Are you interested in sharing your service or product? An advertorial at LingoHut is a cost-effective way to share your field of expertise and get our students to learn about you.

Citizens globally are always curious to discover new services or products. Therefore, you get to speak to our audience through an informative, educational blog.
As a result, you help us continue to give the gift of communication.

To sum it up, your advertorial blog will attract more buys or open a dialogue which might result in positive outcomes. Are you ready to write a piece? Contact us for the guidelines.

***Our advertorial focus is travel, adventure experiences, get to know a city or any language related subjects. To provide all our language learning services for free, we need partners to help with the mission.

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