Breaking Down Language Barriers One Language At A Time

LingoHut, a free language website, has added Turkish to its repertoire of languages it teaches through its online learning platform. LingoHut helps by making basic language skills available to travelers and immigrants moving from one country to another as well as those that are simply interested in learning a new language.  With the world becoming more interconnected, free and accessible language platforms, like LingoHut, are necessary.

As Turkish speakers emigrate from their homes, they, like all immigrants, will be confronted with language barriers wherever they go. LingoHut makes sure people have a place to start with basic conversational skills and phrases. Any Turkish speaker can now learn how to communicate in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Chinese, or Japanese. Click here to see an example lesson for Turkish speakers to learn German.

On the other hand, people moving to Turkey may need to become more proficient in Turkish. LingoHut helps people get started on their journey to learn Turkish from their native language and become productive.  Click here to see the languages we offer Turkish to.

LingoHut provides the opportunity to build fundamental communication skills in a new language, and since it is completely free, all those with an internet connection can access it. Strong language skills are an asset that promotes a lifetime of success. We present over 50 languages, helping a wide scope of immigrants and travelers assimilate or gain understanding by developing new skills.

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