Change Your Actions With The PAUSE Approach

Many people recognize the benefits of the PAUSE approach. Taking a few seconds to reflect can help view the world through a different lens and help make better decisions. Most culture facilitators often teach the PAUSE approach as a way of helping people reflect before acting in a situation related to culture.

It is simple to do, here are the steps when faced with a non-threatening challenging culture dilemma.

PAUSE approach

P – Pay attention to your thoughts

A – Acknowledge your reactions, interpretations, and judgments

U – Understand and validate the other person reacts to the dilemma

S – Seek a new, different approach to the situation

E – Engage with the person

Different cultural facilitators may use different methods, but they have one thing in common. They know the value of PAUSE gives people the opportunity to consciously and quickly clarify what they are thinking before acting.

You might think that the PAUSE approach is a big waste of time. I assure you if you become consciously aware of your thoughts, you will take different actions in the situation you face.

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