Try Recording Yourself: Learning A Language

When you are learning a language, you might get caught up in your lessons and in your own head. You have noticed that you are getting better at spelling and memorization, and you can even remember words quicker and quicker every time you practice! But have you ever heard yourself speaking the language?

In your head, you know how a word is supposed to sound. You have heard it a million times in your lessons, but maybe your brain and your mouth aren’t cooperating as much as you expect. To fine tune, your pronunciation, try recording yourself speaking with a phone or a computer. Play the recording back to yourself and compare it to the lessons.

Do they sound similar? Great! Do they sound a bit off? It looks like it is time for some fine-tuning. Try fixing your pronunciation and recording again until you get it right. On LingoHut, we have hundreds of lessons you can compare your recordings to!

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