One Word Can Change The Way You Approach Next Year

I am going to share with you a new way of viewing your new year’s resolutions.  I have taken up a tradition of selecting a word each year to help me guide me through my daily tasks instead of making an annual resolution that’s hard to keep.  Each year, decisions are made but rarely upheld by the millions of people that make them. “One word” can change the way you approach next year.

Start the year on the right foot

By choosing a single word that symbolizes the essence of your life at this moment will provide you renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year.

Studies show that 50% of resolution made will fail by the end of January. Sadly, by summertime, most of our resolutions are forgotten and disregarded.

The word can be anything from balance, pure, love, happiness, thankful, commitment, focus, learn, fantastic, fabulous, ect….  All words are in play but make sure it is only one word.

Take time to select the word, and have a reason why you decided on that particular word.  The word you pick can create clarity, power, passion as a result it can be life-changing. It’s up to you!!

In other words, try something new this year and select that perfect word for YOU.

Live out your word the entire year

This book has helped me change the way I evaluate my life throughout the year. I hope it helps you do the same.

If you have a vision or an idea, never give up on it, move forward one day, one task at a time with your single word to help you stay on track.

Is, “Learn” your word? Do you wish to learn a new language?  LingoHut is here to help you get started.

Best of success in 2017!!

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