Solving the Language Challenges of a Refugee

Refugees find themselves in challenging circumstances. They are forced to leave their country to escape war, natural disasters, or some form of persecution.

They may not know where their final destination happens to be.

In our recent history, we have seen Syrians going to Germany. Ethiopians are coming to America. People from Nicaragua made their way to Brazil.

Even local refugee movements, like Venezuelans surging into Colombia, face challenges.

We all know about their need for the basics: food, clothing, and shelter. There is a fourth basic need we must also meet. When refugees find a new home that is safe, they also have a new language which they may need to learn.

Free language program helps refugees

The first focus of refugees on resettlement is to eliminate food insecurity. For most families, that leaves little time to focus on their education.

If jobs are available, most refugees find themselves employed in a position where a set schedule outside of work is almost impossible to maintain.

Free German lessons for Arab speakers

Under traditional schooling structures, that leaves them with few options when trying to learn a new language.

That is why a free, on-demand language learning course is perfect for families who find themselves in difficult circumstances such as these. As new words are learned, there are also additional communication avenues which open for each family.

Free English lessons for native Amharic speakers

Over time, that may create new opportunities for success.

Everyone deserves to pursue their dreams while living in a home that is safe. When resources are made available to facilitate language learning at the same time, then a new start becomes easier to create.

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