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Spanish Language Facts with Lex Icon

We have Lex Icon with us again, and guess what!? We actually pronounced his name right this time. And this time, we will be talking about such an interesting and widespread language: Spanish.

Q: It is such a romantic language!

A: It is! Spanish is in a group of languages that include French, Italian, and Portugues. They are considered to be “romance languages”.

Q: But how come my Spanish doesn’t match what you learned to speak?

A: That is because there are two unique paths of development for this language. We have the European version and we have the Americas version of the language. There are countless differences between the two, but the actual structure of the dialects are very similar.

Q: What do you like about the Spanish language?

A: I appreciate the precision that it offers. When you translate something from English to Spanish, the sentences you create are typically much longer. That is because Spanish is a very expressive and detailed language.

Q: I hear that it is very easy to start learning Spanish?

A: That’s right. Most experts say it takes about 6 months to become professionally proficient in Spanish. Many people can hold conversations in just a few weeks when they start taking lessons.

Q: What is your favorite fact about Spanish?

A: I love that Spanish, like many other languages, take pieces of other words to make it their own. Almost 10% of the vocabulary in the current Spanish language has Arabic origins!

Thank you for teaching us these awesome Spanish language facts, Lex Icon! How do you know so much about languages!? We hope to have you on again soon!

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