Where Do People Speak Arabic?

How many countries speak Arabic?

Arabic is an official language to 26 countries and the national language of 2 nations.  Most of the countries are in the middle east. The countries that call Arabic their official language are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain, Western Sahara, Somalia, Comoros, Sudan, Tunisia, Chad, Mauritania, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Djibouti, Israel, Iraq, Eritrea, it is also a national language of Mali and Senegal.

You might ask yourself, what is the difference between an official language and a national language? A national language is used for political and legal discourse. An official language is spoken as the common language among the people in the country.

Do all Arabic countries speak the same dialect?

No, not all Arabic countries speak the same dialect or varieties. Some of the dialects and varieties you might encounter are Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, and many others.  Some dialects differ so much that Arabic speakers might have a hard time understanding each other.

What type of language is Arabic?

Arabic is a Semitic language, as is Hebrew. It is written from right to left and has its own alphabet. Over 292 million people speak Arabic as their native tongue, but many more speak it as a second language. 

Arabic is one of the UN’s six official languages, accompanied by Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Why is the Arabic language so crucial in the Arab world?

In this region, the largest religion is Islam, and Muslims believe that Allah spoke to Muhammad in Arabic and gave him the Quran in Arabic. Ensuring the people that the Arabic language is crucial in the Arab World.

Are all Arabic-speakers Muslims?

Many are, but not all are Muslims.

Who speaks Arabic as a second language?

The western world is starting to learn it as a second language because they can see the importance of speaking this language.  Although many westerners are learning to speak, they have difficulty with grammar since it is vastly different than Indo-European Languages.

Have other languages borrowed words from the Arabic language?

Yes, in English, some words with traces of the Arabic language are sugar, cotton, magazine, algebra, and alcohol.

Where can I learn to speak Arabic?

Right here at LingoHut. You can learn to speak Arabic from your own language.



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