Why Foreign Language and ESL Teachers love LingoHut?

Foreign Language and ESL teachers find LingoHut valuable for build vocabulary and learn the pronunciation of the words learned in the classroom. It allows teachers to focus on other language learning essentials such as grammar and fundamentals of the language taught. Generally, the teacher introduces the text and then sends the student to a particular lesson on the website to practice their retention and pronunciation of the words taught in class. They love that LH does not replace the instructor instead enhances the learning environment.

Another group of educators has also found the LingoHut platform. Homeschooling parents wanting to teach their children a second language but find it challenging not knowing the language they want to teach their children. The parents find this platform ideal for their environment and situation. If you are not familiar with homeschooling, it is a progressive movement around the country and the world where parents educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school.

Here are a few reasons foreign language and ESL teachers and parents love this platform:

  • LingoHut teaches 45+ languages allowing all foreign language teachers to benefit from this platform.
  • The founder herself learned English at the age of 14 and understands the importance of learning English to assimilate into American culture. Hence, she provides ESL teachers with a resource that reaches over 45+ Spoken languages.
  • Teachers and parents love that LH is accessible and free to all their students.
  • Teachers and parents love that LH does not gather any personal information from their students.
  • Teachers and parents love that they can focus more on the fundamentals of the language instead on vocabulary building
  • Teachers and parents love that it is available 24 x 7, allowing students to practice on their schedule.
  • LingoHut offers 125 different lessons reaching an enormous scope of subjects.
  • Foreign language teachers and ESL teachers love that a teacher created this resource.

Helping immigrant parents

It does not only help children. Teachers love to share it with immigrant parents to help them succeed in their new environment. Since LH is available in 45+ different languages, change the flag on the top right-hand corner to the language spoken by the user

Helping children around the world

The founder left her teaching position to travel to undeveloped countries to promote and enhance education for children worldwide. Empowering girls and boys to strive for a better life. All money earned from the advertisement is donated to schools globally and used to add more languages to the platform to help children and adults globally.

Join this movement and share it with teachers you might know so they can be part of this fantastic endeavor. They will love you for informing them of this tremendous language-learning resource and this unique global cause.

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