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Welcome to our hairsalon!
Perhaps you’d like a cup of coffee or tea?
What kind of treatment would you like?
A shorter haircut would suit you better.
I just want to have a shampoo and a haircut.
Can someone tidy this salon please?
This is the best hairdresser in Amsterdam.
What beautiful long hair you have!
I would like to have darker hair combined with highlights.
I would like you to straighten my frizzy hair.
This really is a suitable hairstyle for you.
Would you like to have your hair coloured?
Our hairproducts contain no chemicals whatsoever.
Can you cut and style this lady’s hair?
I would like to have a perm.
You have lovely natural curls.
This shampoo and conditioner are specially designed for your type of hair.
Do you have a sensitive scalp?
Would you like to make an appointment?
Let me get you a clean towel.
We're able to see you now.
How would you like me to cut it?
Just a trim, please.
How short would you like it?
Would you like it blow-dried?
I can trim your moustache if you like.
I can apply some gel, wax or hairspray.
How much would that be?
Maybe you have a sensitive scalp.