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Shall we go for a drink?
Shall we go for lunch together?
Would you like something to drink?
Shall we go by tram or bus?
I'll go by bicycle
May I look at the menu please?
I would like a cup of tea
Can I have a diet coke?
I'd rather have a beer.
Where is the toilet/bathroom?
I don't know what to choose
This is not what I ordered
It was delicious
This is my treat
I've had enough to eat
Can I have the bill?
Shall we go Dutch?
They have wines and softdrinks
What kind of sandwiches do they serve here?
I'd like a three course meal
Is that a chocolate desert?
Can I have one coffee and two tea?
The service is pleasant
What an expensive restaurant!
We'll meet in front of the restaurant
I've had a wonderful dinner
Would anyone like a cheese sandwich?
They sell organic hamburgers here