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What will you be wearing?
What kind of music do they play?
We're going to this club tonight
I feel like dancing tonight
I'm not driving this time
Do these shoes match my outfit?
What time shall we leave?
I do hope it's not too crowded
I like to have some space to dance
Which DJ is playing tonight?
This is a great venue
Can we buy tickets at the door?
Are there still tickets available?
This place is dead
This place is awesome
No thank you, I'm with someone
Have you been here before?
According to my friend it's great
The music is very loud
There's enough space for everyone
The best disco in town
What time do they close?
I'm a bit tired
Shall we go now?
Can I leave my coat here?
Is this the wardrobe?
Do we have to pay for this?
I'm having a great time