LingoHut is a global language project created to help people communicate in a new language. Language is essential to communication. Without language, we can’t express our feelings, desires, and queries to the people around us.

LingoHut developed a free interactive lab to practice pronunciation and articulation of useful everyday vocabulary.

Welcome to LingoHut. Enjoy your language learning journey!


Language Teacher

Kendal, a certified teacher, taught in the public schools for 27 years. Kendal left the brick and mortar schools in 2005 to start an online language school for professionals.

Kendal’s personal experience in 1978 inspired the creation of LingoHut. At the age of 13, Kendal was forced out of Nicaragua and fled to the United States. Living without her family, she discovered the importance and power of language. In 2012, LingoHut launched.


Information Technologist and Software Engineer

Philipp is an expert information technologist and software engineer with over 30 years of experience.

As a native Dutch speaker living in America, Philipp has firsthand experience with learning a foreign language and understands the challenges involved when moving to a new culture.

Philipp is the chief architect and only developer of LingoHut’s user-friendly platform. His dedication to this project has been the fuel in developing a lab that is helping people practice and learn a new language.

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