Eight Things to See and Do In Granada, Nicaragua

When I was a little girl, Granada, Nicaragua was a stomping ground for me and my family. My parents liked to take a car ride on Sunday from Managua to Granada to get away from the big city. I want to share with you 8 things to see and do in Granada, Nicaragua.

Here are a few places to visit and do in Granada: visit “las Isletas”, have a snack on central park, admire the volcanoes and learn about the artifacts made in this region.

Founded by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba in 1524 Granada is the oldest city of Nicaragua. Named after Spaniard Andalucian, the first city the Spaniards founded in Central America, secondly on the American Continent after Cumaná in Venezuela.

1. Visit the “Grand Cathedral”

Catedral de Granada, Nicaragua
Catedral de Granada, Nicaragua

Walk into these striking churches found in this charming colonial city of Granada. Touring the different churches is a great activity between leather shopping and snacking on traditional food.

2. Pay homage to the Mother of Love

Monument en hommage à la Maternité (Granada, Nicaragua)
Monument en hommage à la Maternité (Granada, Nicaragua)

Statues adorn the town of Granada. My favorite statue is the “Mother Statue.” This beautiful statue with a mother holding a child sits in Granada’s Central Park.

“A La Madre Toda Abnegacion y Amor” is ascribed.

3. Ride a horse drawn carriage

Getting around in Granada, Nicaragua
Getting around in Granada, Nicaragua

Horse carts are a great way to get around the streets of Granada. Many locals earn their keep by driving tourist with their horse drawn carriage taxi. In addition, others use the carriages to move merchandise from one location to the next.

4. Visit a leather workshop

Leather smith making a leather bag in Granada Nicaragua

Master crafted leather pieces are abundant in Granada. Many shops are located in someones home with their workshops right in the back of the house. Besides shopping, consequently, you can watch these beautiful pieces made.

5. Enjoy a typical dish

Central Park, Granada, Nicaragua
Central Park, Granada, Nicaragua

Vigorón a popular dish made in Nicaragua. Therefore, enjoy a
Vigorón when you visit El Parque Central in Granada. The ingredients in Vigorón include boiled yucca, chicharrón, a salad made out of cabbage and tomatoes with a vinegar and chili dressing. In other words, yummy!

6. Tour Las Isletas

Juan Carlos, our tour guide of Las Isletas
Juan Carlos, our tour guide of Las Isletas

365 islands called las Isletas formed by the eruption of the volcano called Mombacho 20,000 years ago. Therefore, las Isletas islands are located in Lago Nicaragua. As a result of the islands forming campesinos and wealthy inverstors now call them their home.

Besides fishing, the boat tour of Las Isletas is definitely worth taking! You get to see the beautiful Isletas, the Mombacho Volcano and breathtaking views that surround you.

7. Go fishing on Lago Nicaragua

Lago Nicaragua also known as Lake Cocibolca
Lago Nicaragua is also known as Lake Cocibolca

The world’s twentieth largest lake, “Lago Nicaragua” also known as Lake “Cocibolca.” The lake is freshwater which is unique in its own way since it is home to saltwater sharks. The sharks travel up the San Juan River to reach the freshwater lake. A phenomenon not seen much in the world.

8. Relax! You are in Granada, Nicaragua

An old man keep cools
An old man keeps cool

In conclusion, we leave you with this picture…On a hot day in February an old man keeps cool by sitting back and relaxing in his Granada home.

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