Three Activities to do With Your Partner in Florence, Italy

Florence was like finding the perfect location to shoot a movie. Enjoy a 5-minute mini vacation, watch my slide show to immerse yourself in this beauty.


Florence, known to the locals as “Firenze,” is so picturesque; it’s magical. Standing at San Miniato looking at the city was shocking to all my senses. Breathtaking! I am not a big museum person, so I like to explore the culture differently.

Going to museums means standing in long lines – not a favorite activity of mine. Florence is a walking city, and you can navigate it in a day or two. If you must do a walking tour with others, it will take longer to see this beautiful city.

Walking the streets

Finding your way in Florence is easy – not like Rome, which had its challenges. You can get a map at any hotel’s front desk. I do recommend learning a little Italian before your travels; it makes the experience so much better. Here are a few of my favorite things to do:

  1. My favorite place that made me feel magical was San Miniato and, if you can’t walk any further, Piazza Michelangelo is stunning. Across the Arno, and a steep hill later, lies Piazza Michelangelo. Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes. It is quite a hike, and it is a good idea to carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the trek. Piazza Michelangelo is very touristic, and buses, cars, and souvenirs for sale fill the parking lots, indicates to the fact that this is where the crowd goes. But keep walking! Uphill, just a bit further, you will reach the church, abbey, and cemetery of San Miniato. Peaceful and serene, this is a perfect place to catch your breath. The views are supreme anywhere in the city. Don’t forget your camera; you will be disappointed if you do.
  2. The heart of Florence is the Piazza del Duomo; this is a crowded area full of tourists, but well worth seeing. From here I would start the day; the crowds are less and walking early in the morning and late at night will give you a better experience. If you like standing in a line, you can climb the bell tower for sweeping views; see the octagonal Baptistery with its three sets of gilded bronze doors; visit the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, full of Gothic and Renaissance sculptures; and explore “El Duomo,” or cathedral. The building and marble statues will blow your mind. They did me!
  3. If the weather is good, a must do watching the sunset from one of the bridges. Start in the late afternoon with a yummy Aperol at a cafe. Then walk hand-in-hand towards the Ponte Trinita – so romantic and beautiful. Most of the crowds go to the famous Ponte Vecchio, but moving just one bridge west will provide better views and fewer crowds. After this excellent experience, a peaceful stroll back into the center of town and enjoy a gelato — the perfect ending with your lover in Firenze.

Perfect place to declare your love to someone

If you have time to spare, just walking through the streets of Florence is an experience in itself. Every time we turned a corner, there was something else that caught our eye and a perfect place to declare your love to each other.  I must say that to date this is the most beautiful city I have visited. I hope you enjoy our travel log to Florence.

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