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Americas Culture No Longer A Melting Pot But A Mosaic

The 21st century will be the century in which we redefine ourselves as the first country in world history that is literally made up of every part of the world. —Mr. Kenneth Prewitt, Director of the U.S.  Census Bureau, 1998–2001

The kaleidoscope of cultures has traditionally is referred to as a “melting pot” in America. Welcoming individuals from many different countries, races, and religions. The individuals come hoping to find freedom, opportunities, and the american dream.

Demographics are changing

Today, the demographics of the United States of America comprises of 75.1% Whites, 12.5 % Latinos, 12.3% African Americans, 3.6% Asian American and Native American make up 0.7% of the total population.

Are you the first or second generation in the USA?

In 2013, approximately 41.3 million immigrants lived in the United States. Therefore, making this time in history an all-time high human migration to the US. Nearly one-quarter of the overall U.S. population is either of the first or second generations. America began with waves of immigrants, bringing their own cultures and values to this prosperous country. In other words, no other place in the world has such a diverse population. As a result, it is this diversity that makes America who it is.

Multiculturalism – Melting pot

Today, multiculturalism is becoming a standard instead of assimilating to the new environment. The old “melting pot” image is giving way to a new mosaic image. Therefore, immigrants are not blending in one “pot,” but instead they are transforming our society into a truly multicultural mosaic.

In conclusion, if you reside in America and are an immigrant, I want to have a conversation with you. Where are you from? What values have you kept from your homeland? How have you assimilated to the America culture? Do you agree that America is becoming a mosaic? I would love to get your input on this subject.

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