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Eat Like a Local in Bangkok, Thailand: Enjoy the Street Food Vendors

The world of Thai street food can be exciting, but at times it can also be puzzling and overwhelming. Bangkok has an estimated 500,000 street vendors, which one should we try? A local shared and suggested that if the cart or vendor was busy, that was a good sign.

Bangkok street food vendor
Bangkok street food vendor

Most street carts and stalls in Bangkok specialize in cooking one thing – and so they usually do that one dish really well. However, there are a few vendors that have become a master at their trade, who have spent a lifetime honing generations-old recipes to perfection, yummy!!

There is no denying that Yaowarat (เยาวราช) known as Bangkok’s famous Chinatown. Yaowarat is considered the birthplace of street food in Thailand and is a prime foodie destination. We find Bangkok to be a very safe city, so don’t be afraid to explore down a side alley or follow the instinct of your nose when you smell something scrumptious.

We find that the street vendors are packed with mouthwatering eats and full of food gem surprises. As you explore and eat around Bangkok, you’ll discover some serious Thai street food masters.

My hubby loves satay from his days living in Amsterdam. Satay is meat (usually chicken) that is threaded on a bamboo stick, grilled over an open flame and served with peanut sauce. Here in Bangkok, they add ajad of cucumber, shallots and chilies in sugar syrup. He is loving eating here.

Bangkok vegetarian street food
Bangkok vegetarian street food

I, on the other hand, am a Vegetarian, I was worried I was not going to find good street food; well I was wrong. The word for “vegetarian” got me nowhere on the street, but if I asked what was in the dish, they would start naming of ingredients such as chicken, fish, pork, vegetables, egg, etc. I would smile and say only vegetables and they would point me to which vendor to visit.  I love the people in Thailand, they are so helpful. Here are some of my favorite dishes. Khao Tom MadSweet sticky rice made with coconut milk, mushed with bananas, sprinkled with black beans, steamed inside a banana leaf. Each vendor has their take on this dish so try a few if you’re curious. Khanom Ba Bin so good! When you order these, you’ll get a few colored pancakes made with coconut and rice flour.  They do not skimp on the coconut here and I love that. Papaya salad, do I need to say anything else, so yummy! I couldn’t stop eating it.  Oh yeah, the fried bananas are out of this world. Socu which are generally green crepes filled with this nutty mixture, that I could not stop eating.  So, if you are vegetarian and wondering if Thai is a place you can visit, the answer is YES.  So many other works of art to share but I will let you explore when you visit.

Please note, Mondays are street cleaning days in Bangkok citywide, and many street food cart vendors take the day off. You’ll notice about a 50% decrease in street food in Bangkok on this day.

Enjoy looking at our gallery of pictures and videos of street food in Bangkok.

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