Being Bilingual Pays

The value of objects is all about supply and demand, right? Remember from your economy class? As supply goes down, the value goes up. The scarcer a material is, the more valuable it is as long as it has a use. With that in mind, only eighteen percent of the United States population is bilingual. Only eighteen percent! So when you learn a new language, you are among only about 56 million people out of 316 million people that have this skill. That makes you quite marketable on your job search.

Learn a language for your job

Employers like to see that you can speak another language! Speaking another language might even be your job! According to the US Department of Labor, translators are predicted to be one of the fast-growing jobs on the market. So why not join in on one of the fasted growing fields?

Furthermore, according to Annalyn Kurtz, a writer for CNN Money, interpreters are paid somewhere between $300 and $1000 a day, and translators usually get paid for word, which is usually around 13 cents a word. That is remarkable! A skill that is a bit challenging to learn, but all-in-all not too difficult to execute makes that kind of money? Count me in.

And if that does not convince you, workers, that are bilingual make from 5% to 20% more than their non-bilingual counterparts. So that money you are making now could be turned into even more money if you just learn a second language!

Money speaks more than one language

As I grew up, I always learned that “money speaks”, but what the phrase really should be is “money speaks more than one language,” as it is clear that those that are bilingual have an incredible advantage. So why are you shorting yourself that extra cash or that leg up? Benefit from this information, and learn a new language!

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