Break Time on Language Learning – Professor Jargonstein

Not just in learning a language, but in general, taking breaks in good for learning. Professor Jargonstein joins us today to remind us of the importance of taking a break! has the following to say about taking breaks: “Many studies have found that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity, success, and a positive outlook on the future. This is especially true for students who spend hours huddled in front of a computer. While many believe cram sessions and all-night study groups will ultimately help them earn their college degree, the fact is that not taking regular breaks can lead to a significant decrease in academic performance and, in some cases, serious health concerns like anxiety, insomnia, and depression.”

Don’t run yourself into the ground. In the first hour of learning, you will find yourself the most productive. However, every additional hour you study, you might find that you learn or remember a bit less than the hour before. The same can be said about any kind of work. You may find that you are incredibly productive the first hour of work, but less so as time goes on. This is called “diminishing returns”.

In your learning, make sure you are taking enough breaks. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough. We all think we can just keep working or just keep going, but the truth is, we all need breaks!

Are you taking enough breaks in your language study?

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