Can you say friendly? Go to Dublin

Language allows us to have conversations and build relationships with one another.  In this age of technology, personal communication is changing and evolving, but we must realize that nothing can replace a face to face encounter between two people.

Kendal and Philipp, the founders of LingoHut, travel the world sharing the gift of communication. is a website that teaches free languages from 52 native languages. The website’s focus is on the pronunciation of everyday useful words and phrases. The founders recognize that learning to communicate in a second language provides skills that can open doors and create stronger relationships.

Each trip is focused on connecting with the locals, understanding their challenges and how we can help. During our two days in Dublin, we discovered that the Dubliners are extremely friendly.  As we explored their city, we were welcomed with many hellos and smiles making us feel included, comfortable and at ease. We loved our conversations with people in Dublin.

How do we get our message out? On this trip, we spent hours walking the Temple Bar neighborhood speaking with the vendors and employees in the area.  No cars are allowed in this area; pedestrians walk over some cobbled stones street enjoying quirky boutiques and crafts by local designers. This neighborhood has many pubs which host live folk music. It is hard to miss if you’re visiting Dublin.

During our downtime, we relaxed at St. Stephen’s Green park, filled with lush green grass, a variety of plants and flowers and some marvelous bodies of water. If that’s not enough, there were monuments scattered to become familiar with some local history.  We love meeting people at parks which is a friendly environment to have candid conversations.

Our goals are different than most travelers, but if the chance arises to get a peek at a new culture, we never pass up the opportunity.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. Here are seven things we did:

  1. Dublin Castle stands proudly on the highest ridge in the locality with over 800 years of Irish memories encapsulated within its walls, spanning an area of over 11 acres. A stop most tourist never pass up, we were not able to go in due to some maintenance work going on. The outside of the castle certainly was impressive.
  2. A unique white-picketed beauty, the Ha’penny Bridge is famously known as the first pedestrian bridge to span over the river Liffey. Its name was derived from the price pedestrians had to pay a “halfpenny” to cross the bridge back when it was built in 1816. Today, you do not have to pay, but it has become one of the main monuments or structures that identifies Dublin.
  3. Trinity College Campus, green and lush with incredible architectural wonder. The Trinity College Library a room most bibliophiles would only dream of finding themselves in. It is the home to the famous Book of Kells – an ornate, beautifully-illuminated manuscript containing all of the four Gospels of the New Testament that’s over 1000 years old. Also, the Long Room has been known to resemble the Jedi Archives in Star Wars for all you Star Wars fans.
  4. We were lucky to be in Dublin on the last Sunday of the month when the huge indoor flea market was open, this flea market is beloved in Dublin and has many treasures to be found. It gave us an opportunity to speak to all the vendors and share how they could increase their revenue with the gift of communication.
  5. Another incredibly unique and fun way to experience the true Irish culture and heritage is to watch a Gaelic Game at Croke Park stadium located just 10 minutes away from Dublin City Center. It is worth seeing these sports live. We were not able to experience this personally but instead watched a Hurling game at a local pub. During our day getting the word out about LingoHut, we stumbled into Cassidy’s 42.
  6. Cassidy’s 42 located at Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, Ireland is away from the tourist traps. Cassidy’s is a pub worth visiting especially on Sunday night. Cassidy’s buzzing atmosphere and a top-quality Guinness has excellent traditional music after 10 pm, only on Sunday (we were lucky to be there). The patrons taught us some lyrics so we could sing with them becoming part of their family while celebrating their music. Have you tried an Irish coffee? (we hadn’t yet), you should. It was a beautiful evening with beautiful people. Make it a special Sunday evening by spending some time at Cassidy’s 42, but before the fun starts at the pub, make a reservation at Pickle restaurant right next door. (30-minute walk from the center)
  7. Pickle an outstanding Indian restaurant located next door to Cassidy’s 42. Make sure you make reservations it is a small establishment, and the locals love it. The waiters are very well versed in the menu and provide outstanding suggestions on what to order.  Thank you Aayush, our fantastic waiter for giving us an experience we will never forget.

If you are planning a trip to this area of the world, don’t miss visiting Ireland where the people make you feel at home and where we felt the luck of the Irish was with us.  Thank you to all who made us feel like we belonged in this beautiful culture. Next stop Edinburgh Scotland…..

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