Practice, Practice, And More Practice: Learning A Language

Before you start your language learning journey you must do one thing, commit to learning the language. Consciously ask yourself, Do I want to learn a language? Why did I select the language I am learning? How am I going to use the language? Is this the right time to add a new task to my life?  These are important questions to answer.

Why? Because your answers will determine how you will do during your language learning journey.

Once you have consciously determined to learn, it is time to practice.  When I say practice, I am talking about the commitment an athlete makes when practicing for the Olympics. No magic sauce will allow you to learn a language without practice, just like athletes must practice hours upon hours becoming the best in their field. There are many good language programs out there you can purchase to learn, but the one thing they all have in common is that the student must practice.

Professor Jargonstein give you a quick overview on how to become confident in a new language

So, I leave you with this tad bit of wisdom about language learning; It takes practice, practice and more practice.  Have fun in your language learning journey and become confident communicating in a new language. How? PRACTICING.

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