English Grammar: The Parts of Speech and the Sentence

English Grammar: The Parts of Speech and the Sentence (Part 1)

Let’s learn how to form and write an English sentence!

Congratulations on deciding to learn more about English grammar. You have learned many words, but now it is time to learn more about how we put these words together. This is the first post of many which will also have a look at:

  • Nouns and Articles
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives and Adverbs

This post will simply be looking at how each one of these comes together. The way these posts should be read is:

There will also be more posts teaching other parts of English grammar. Read these in any order. Let’s learn!

Let’s start with a basic sentence and what it is made of:

I go.

This is a simple English sentence. It is complete and correct.

In order to have an English sentence (like many other languages), you need at least two things:

  1. A subject
  2. A verb

The subject is normally the main noun of the sentence. It is the noun that the sentence is about. The verb is the action that the subject is doing. In our example of I go. I is the subject. Go is the verb

Let’s look at another:

James jumps.

James is the subject of the sentence. Jump is the verb of the sentence.

Now, a more difficult sentence:

James learns English.

This sentence now have three elements:

  1. A subjectJames
  2. A verblearns
  3. An objectEnglish

The object of the sentence is a noun that the verb is being done to. What is James learning? English!

This is a basic English sentence, and how to write and form the English sentence. We will now go more into other parts of English grammar, and come back to the English sentence at the end. Continue here:

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