English Facts with Lex Icon

Mr. Lex Icon shares with us interesting facts of the English language.

Why do you like English?  it’s one of the happiest languages in the world! You use three times more happy words than sad words when you’re speaking English.

What is your favorite fact about the English language? I love that more words keep getting added to it! There are over 4,000 new things to say each year!

Could you share with us what your favorite English word happens to be? I love the word “enneacontakaienneagon.” That’s a shape with 99 sides. Try saying that one fast three times in a row!

Do you have some favorite types of wordWhat is so fun about the English language is how many times it changes. You can have words appear in the dictionary one year, and then go away the next. These are called ghost words! They’re not scary though. We still use some of them too – like the word  “syllabus.”

What do you think the most common word used in English is today? That’s easy! The word “I”, as in “me,” not an “eyeball,” is one of the oldest, shortest, and often used words in English.

Are there words you don’t like in English? Um… uh… well, actually… Did you see what I did there? Those are called “crutch words.” We use them when we can’t think of something else to say.

Why do you think it is important to learn or speak English? Even though English isn’t the most spoken language in the world, there are times when it is required. If you fly, then you must speak the language.

Join us next time for more fun facts about languages around the world.

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