Fun Language Facts with Lex Icon

Say Hello to Lex Icon

I have the pleasure of introducing you to the newest member of the LingoHut team, Lex Icon. He is our language, fact-checker.  In other words, he will teach you interesting facts about languages spoken around the world.

Consequently, here are today’s facts.

Do you know what the largest alphabet in the world is? It’s the Khmer language, which is found in Cambodia. It is 74 characters long! 

How many languages are there in all? Over 2,700 different languages. Meanwhile, there are over 7,000 dialects!

Do you know which are the most spoken languages? Chinese is spoken most often around the world. It has over 50,000 characters! Likewise, Spanish and Hindi are popular too.

In conclusion, Lex Icon will continue to share interesting facts about languages spoken in different parts of the world.

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