How Will You Get Around Nicaragua? Hire A Private Driver

There are some beautiful places to visit while traveling in Nicaragua. If you love the beach, San Juan del Sur should be on your list. Would you rather stay in a picturesque town rich in history? Then Granada is your place. If volcanoes and lakes are more your style then staying in Managua can be a better choice and take day trips. No matter what your itinerary is, you need to find a way to get from one place to the next.

Rent a car

You can always rent a car, but my 1st choice is to get a chauffeur. Driving in Managua and other towns in Nicaragua can be challenging and frustrating. There are no street names nor house numbers. Directions to your destination might sound like this: From “el arbol” go two blocks north at “la casa amarilla” turn right, once you reach “el estatua” take a left. Trust me, it is a challenge, and I am from Managua Nicaragua.

How do you find a driver you ask? Contact me. I will send you Freddy Sanchez’s number to set up your adventure in Nicaragua. My friends and I have used Freddy several times, and you can trust him. It is easy to set up your transportation in Nicaragua.

Take a taxi

Of course, there are other ways of getting around Nicaragua; you can take a taxi. The issue I have with it is that it can be pricey and you do not know what type of character is driving you around. You can rent a car, but as I mentioned directions are crazy hard to follow. There is always a local bus, but not my first choice.

Horse and carriage is still a regular way to get around. This is a fun and romantic way to get around and see Granada or Leon.

A lancha ride is the only way to see the Isletas in Granada or take a ride on the Lago de Nicaragua to get a different perspective of this beautiful country.

Founder of LingoHut living in Managua Nicaragua. At the Nejapa in Nicaragua at a swim meet in 1976
Founder of LingoHut in Managua, Nicaragua, at the Nejapa at a swim meet

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I grew up in Nicaragua and spent my childhood there. I recommend you put Nicaragua on your bucket list. Visit LingoHut to enjoy hundreds of free Spanish lessons which will prepare you for your adventure to Nicaragua.

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