Getting The Word Out About A Global Language Initiative

In a world of technology every day someone comes out with a new language program or resource to share with the world.  Promotion is key to getting it out in front of people. That said, there are lots of ways to promote — but for a free global language initiative, we had to find solutions without breaking the bank.

We were fortunate that Parrot Time, a language magazine, focused their entire 30th edition on LingoHut.


Parrot Time is a free, bi-monthly magazine covering language, linguistics and culture of the world around us. It is an excellent read for polyglots and anyone interested in languages. PT has been around since 2013 when Erik Zidowecki started the bi-monthly magazine.

Erik Zidowecki, the Editor in Chief of Parrot Time magazine. He is a computer programmer and language lover. He is a co-founder of UniLang and founder of Parleremo, both web communities dedicated to helping people learn languages.

If you are new to this magazine, we highly recommend it. It provides interesting, engaging stories, activities and language hints.

Parrot Time exists in two formats for your reading pleasure. The digital version is great for reading online, commenting on, and sharing with your friends. The printable PDF version can also be read online as well as downloaded for free for your usage.  It is easy to find their entire magazine archive online where you can browse through earlier editions.

Thank you, Parrot Time for featuring LingoHut in one of the editions. Plus, a big thank you to all the authors; Ulrike Rettig, Olivier Elzingre, Vincent Esnoul, John Rigdon, Chiara Grandola and Erik Zidowecki who wrote articles to help LingoHut get the word out.

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