How To Decide What Language To Learn?

Polyglots are always looking for a new language to learn.  Many polyglots ask, which language should I learn next? Instead of asking why don’t you experience it for yourself.  Here is a fun idea to see if the language fits you.

How about going to a theater play in the language you are thinking of learning?  You do not have to understand the context of the play; what you need to pay attention to is how the language makes you feel.

Give this unique idea a try

Before I wrote about this novel idea, I  decided to put it to the test. This weekend a friend of mine was in a Hindi play, and I thought to myself this would give me a perfect opportunity to see if this idea works.

So, with a fantastic group of friends, we went to see “Pagla Ghoda,” a play in Hindi. Which most of us did not speak a word of Hindi.  (picture above of all of us)

Listen to the language carefully

I sat for two and a half hours listening to the language without understanding the meaning.  I listened closely to the language and how my senses felt toward the sound, inflection, and tones. I must tell you I had never had the interest to learn Hindi, but after the play, I am curious.

In all fairness, I must share that I read the cliffs notes of the play before watching it. The cliffs notes gave me a little knowledge about the meaning of the play.

Not in my comfort zone

I was out of my comfort zone during this activity, for sure, but I did not mind it at all.  What I discovered was that this activity helps determine if a specific language might be right to learn. It would be a shame to spend precious time learning a language to find later out that you do not feel the love you thought you did for the language.

As most of us know learning a language takes time, lots of time and dedication. Time is precious; you only get to use it once, just like money.  Use it wisely!!  It is worth getting out of your comfort zone to determine if something is right for you.

Are you looking to learn a language?

Head to a play in the language you are considering learning. Get out of your comfort zone.

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