How Social Collaboration Is The Way Forward In Language Learning

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

‒ Chinese Proverb

When learning a new language social collaboration is so important, think about it why do we learn a language? We learn a language to connect with others. If this is the case then why do so many people hideaway with a grammar book. In this section of the Holistic Language Learning series, I’m going to take a look at how social collaboration can make you a more efficient learner…

Cultural, religious, belief systems and ability to communicate and collaborate with others are all important factors in learning something new. Remember a language is more than words learn cultural history and the mannerisms of your target language.

Activity: Make a list of potential study buddies and get in contact with them. Are there any groups both on and offline that you could join?

In order to be more successful in languages, you have to optimize your brain for learning. This monthly series on how to learn languages holistically will help you achieve this…

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