Parks In Kuala Lumpur

Philipp and I enjoy being outdoors getting fresh air and seeing the colors around us by going to parks in Kuala Lumpur. Go outside instead of hanging out with mall rats at yet another new shopping center. Spend a quiet hour or two or three walking around at these parks in KL filled with lush greenery and wildlife. Here are some of the parks we visited in Kuala Lumpur — some are free and others are a minimal fee.

KLCC Park – Taman Jalan Ampang

Probably one of the most attractive parks in Kuala Lumpur is the KLCC park. It is free and has 50-acre green lush surroundings. It is a favorite among locals as well as tourists, thanks to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers next door.  Don’t forget to bring your camera it is an ideal place to take a picture of the twin towers.

If you are a bibliophile bring a book to read under the mature trees having quality time for yourself. If your here with your family or your partner pack a picnic to enjoy together. Children love this park too, it has a 2-acre playground and wading pool, which are visited by families every weekend.

It is a great place to take a long walk. You will find joggers enjoying the 1.3 km running path around the park after work or weekdays since the location is right smack in the middle of office towers located in the heart of the city. Check out our video.

KL Eco Forest Park – Taman Bukit Nanas Forest

KL Forest Eco Park is a permanent forest reserve in KL Malaysia.  It has become an attraction in Kuala Lumpur for tourists. The impressive 200m canopy walk provides visitors with a wonderful aerial view of the treetops and the city beyond. This park is the only remaining stretch of tropical rainforest within the city limits of KL. It was previously known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. It became a permanent forest reserve in 1906.

The park contains some fine specimens of lowland dipterocarp and non-dipterocarp trees including some endangered and threatened species such as Kapur and Karas

As well as bringing some fresh air to the city center, the park is a refuge for birdlife and wildlife, mostly monkeys and small mammals. Visiting the canopy walk is a great way to “get away” from the city, while never really leaving. 

There are two entrances one on the top and one on the bottom. We came in the bottom entrance if you walk there as we did, you’ll have to climb the very large hill on foot, but there are some stairs you can take as a shortcut from the road. We took this experience to get a good workout and totally forgot to take pictures.

Bird Park – Taman Burung

The Bird Park sits on 20.9 acres and houses more than 3,000 birds representing more than 200 species in an enclosed aviary. About 90% are local birds and 10% were imported from countries such as Australia, China, Holland, Indonesia, New Guinea, Tanzania, and Thailand. It was established in 1991 it is one of the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary.

By allowing birds to move freely and simulating their natural habitats and diet, birds have been able to breed naturally thus helping to ensure the survival and sustainability of their species.

Some of the cool birds we saw are African grey parrots, yellow-billed stork, silver pheasant, milky stork, red lory, Indian blue peafowl, red junglefowl, straw headed bulbul, Malay peacock pheasant, pelicans, lovebirds and variety of parrots.

It is a great park to take pictures of birds since they are so close to you. The park is divided into 4 zones: zone 1 & 2 are free-flight zones, zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and zone 4 contains birds separated in cages, enclosures, and mini-aviaries. The Park is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Check out our video.

Butterfly Park – Taman Rama Rama

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is a large public butterfly zoo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The butterfly park houses 120 different species of butterflies that are local to the country. It has hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering around freely under a huge netting canopy.  The park also has an impressive collection of massive beetles, beautifully camouflaged stick insects, and other creepy crawlies.

The rainforest habitat is humid and steamy, tropical feeling like with a maze footpath winding through lush vegetation. The ponds who home hundreds of koi have bridges above them to get a good look at the fish.

You will find a lovely waterfall, gazebos and a turtle pond beside the colorful butterflies. If you like butterflies like I do you get to see the butterflies up close as they feed on hibiscus flowers sprayed with sweetened water and other delicacies.

How do you say butterfly in other languages? Butterfly in Spanish and Tagalog is “mariposa”. In French, it is “papillon.” In Arabic, it is “ferrash.” In German, it is “schmetterling” and in Malaysia, it is “rama- rama.”

Perdana Botanical Gardens

In a cosmopolitan city like KL it is nice to have a place where the air is fresh, the colors are vibrant and refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city like Perdana Botanical Gardens. It is a beautiful place to walk the property of 226 acres of lush beauty. It is a great place to visit early in the morning when the air is crisp a perfect place to do tai chi. If you are like us and coming a bit later pack a picnic to sit under the cool trees and enjoy your lunch.

The best part of this park is that it is completely free. We were there during the coronavirus outbreak and no one was in the park, so we had a peaceful 3-hour walk. The park is open daily from 7 am to 8 pm.

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