Language Barrier Leaves Refugees Wrestling to Rebuild Their Lives

A family in Aurora, Colorado, took on the challenge to help Syrian refugees learn a new language on their online language platform, LingoHut.  With the help of a Syrian professor living in Homs, Syria, LingoHut now teaches from Arabic, allowing anyone to learn from Arabic. LingoHut teaches 50 of the most crucial languages to assist Syrians during their transition.

Refugees and their families struggle as they adjust to new communities, cultures, and languages. Being unable to communicate in a country is a serious impairment, and without communication, it can be tough to get along with new neighbors. The language barrier has always had a big impact on refugees and immigrants, but with LingoHut’s free and accessible.

As LingoHut’s co-founder, I know the difficulty of being forced out of your home. I was 13 years old when I fled Nicaragua’s civil war. I came to America alone; these were incredibly scary times for me. I could not communicate with the family that took me in. I could not explain my needs, nor share my fears; I was scared and alone. That is exactly why I developed LingoHut; to help other not feel so alone.

LingoHut teaches basic vocabulary to fosters pronunciation skills through their unique language learning platform. Today LingoHut presents in over 52 native languages, helping a wide scope of immigrants and refugees begin their journey developing strong communication skills.

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