Nazzeeras’ – Making Every Dish a Divine Experience For Customers in Georgetown, Penang

I was blessed to stumble into this amazing café during our travels in Georgetown Penang.  It was a hot day in Penang, and we needed a place to take a break.  Philipp and I stopped by to have a quick drink, and our trip took a new spin. We met Nazz and got talking with her.  Then we went back for dinner a few times and just loved her food. Not only is her food delicious but it is a great place to make new friends.

I love women that take a chance and build a business around doing what they love; Nazz did.  If you are ever in Georgetown Penang, Nazzeeras’ is a must stop.  When you go in, ask for Nazz, she is always there, please tell her LingoHut sent you.  You will not regret this stop, and I promise you will love your culinary experience.

Nazz Sharif’s mission

She believes in the excellence of the finest food, good quality service, and affordable prices creating a distinction in the tastes and flavors she serves.  She lives by her mission.  When you meet Nazz, you will see the passion in her soul.

Her journey began in 2015

Nazzeeras’ journey began in 2015 when Nazz Sharif decided that she wanted to forge a new path forward and begin a café with the love of food her mother gave her in her youth.

The idea of not working for someone but herself gave her the strength to face the ton of hard work and time it took to build this quality restaurant. Nazz knew, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

When she started, it was going to be a small café that offered cakes, specifically her homemade velvet ice cream cake. Nazz unknowingly set in place the motion of what Nazzeeras’ is today. Little did she know that her tiny beginning in a quiet “up and coming” neighborhood would someday become a full-fledged café in bustling Georgetown.

As her restaurant started to evolve and change, she envisioned infusing passion, authentic local flavors, and the world’s inspired exotic tastes into a culinary experience that goes right to people’s hearts. Her hard work paid off.

Authentic dishes

Nazzeeras’ is well known for the exotic and traditional Malay-Arabic menu. Some of the signature dishes are Roti Kacang Phool delight, Nasi Ambeng, and Nasi Lemak which keep her customers coming back time after time to enjoy a meal.

The quality and attention to detail are consistent; her food is cooked and prepared in-house by the chef Nazz herself. Nazzeeras’ started as a cake shop but has grown to a mouthwatering restaurant. She did not leave her first vision; Nazz still offers an extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes.  So, leave a little space for the final course and don’t miss out on the dessert.

If you live in Georgetown and you have not tried this delightful place, you must go; and if you are traveling through Georgetown, you must stop and indulge in exquisite food served by Nazz.

We received no compensation, free food, or other complimentary items from Nazzeeras’ for this review. This article contains only our own honest thoughts and opinions. We do not work for Nazzeeras and receive no commission.

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