Penang Is A Colorful Island Through Street Art

A surprise awaits you around every nook and corner, the murals and wrought iron caricature dioramas dress up the streets of George Town. The street art tells the story of Penang – both its history and its future.

The municipal Council contracted with Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic to create an interesting vibe in 2012. He had specific spots to design large and small eye-catching murals. It was to give tourists a reason to explore the town with an art map looking for Zacharevic artwork. Today that tradition still lives on.

The project was so successful that a few years later, the council commissioned a local sculptor to create wrought iron caricature dioramas of Penang’s way of life. It was an effort to promote awareness of George Town’s rich history.

The art pieces are loved by tourists who go on scavenger hunts to find the beautiful designs, making it fun to stroll the streets of George Town and explore the city. The idea was much talked about and so popular in tourists’ eyes that the local community has adopted the concept of incorporating art in their establishments. I believe this tradition will live on the streets of Penang way after the artwork of Zacharevic’s fades away.

Many restaurants, hotels, and other places take part in this art model and have designed art murals both inside and outside their establishments. It is a clever way to create an interesting atmosphere on the island. We went around town taking pictures, to get you excited to visit this lovely city. Put Penang Malaysia on your itinerary and book a room in George Town.

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