Perth In A Blink Of An Eye

Many of you know we are nomads traveling the world sharing our humanitarian language project. Our project is part of our soul, and we have been working on it for over eight years. It is a language project that helps people around the world build confidence in communicating in a new language. Our free language learning resource assists in gaining a substantial library of vocabulary and helps with pronunciation and articulation of words. In December 2019, we decided to sell our home and belongings and go out to share our project personally with people we came across during our journey. In mid-March, we arrived in Perth as the Corona Virus lockdowns started to pick up steam in Europe. It was a stressful time deciding what our next move should be. Should we stay in Australia? What will happen here? Should we be going back to the USA? Should we go to Europe and be with our children? On a blink of an eye seven days after arriving in Perth, we got on a plane to the Netherlands to hunker down with our children.

Even though we were in Perth Australia only a few days, we did get to explore and discover splendor we did not imagine. Perth effortlessly blends urban cool with raw natural beauty. The boardwalk along the Swan River is a perfect place to take a long walk and unwind after a day at work. On the boardwalk, a variety of birds fly around; the bird sounds are marvelous as you walk along the water. On the Swan River, you will find sailboats gliding from one side to the other. Tourists are sprawled out on the grassy areas enjoying the moment. A large park parallels the boardwalk and on weekend you will find many locals playing sports on the fields. This is a lovely part of Perth.

We loved our day at City Beach. We planned to explore different beaches along the coastline, but our time was cut short, so we only got to go to one beach. The day we spent together was lovely, the sun was shining, the sand was warm, the water was delicious and the sky an intense blue – An entirely peaceful day.

Kings Park on Mount Eliza offers sweeping views of the city. It is an attractive area to spend time with loved ones or quality time by yourself. The park is idyllic to take pictures of the city and your surroundings.  The ample space of pristine grass is perfect for enjoying a book, creating a masterpiece, enjoy a delicious picnic, or just lay on the grass and watch the stunning sky. It is such a breathtaking location, quiet and peaceful. Do not forget to take a blanket; the grass might be wet.

The day we were at Kings Park, we discovered the Western Australian Botanical Gardens but did not have enough time to explore, so the next day we went back and enjoy the gardens. Wow, our senses were exploding during this pleasurable day. Let me start with the sense of smell. We could not believe how clean and delicious everything smelt; it was awesome. Our eyes rejoiced with the stunning colors and vibrant fall foliage. The birds chirped and sang their tunes as we explore this remarkable garden. The ice cream we enjoyed on our walk was like the cherry on top.

Our time in Perth, Australia, was short and sweet. One thing both agreed on is that Perth reminded us a lot of what Colorado looked like in the late ’70s. Philipp and I enjoyed reminiscing the time we lived in Colorado as we enjoyed walking this unique, quaint city. Our stay was too short; we will be back to this special place. Perth is a bit of a sleepy town with beautiful surroundings.

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