Shakespeare Sure Had A Way With Words

I think we all know the story of Romeo and Juliet. Two star-crossed lovers meet the bitter fate of their family feud. It is truly a poetic and well-written tale created by a man that practically reformed the English language. In fact, Shakespeare invented over 1700 words in his plays and poems, and the words that he invented has made a huge impact on our vocabulary today.

The words that he created are not so old or unfamiliar to us. He did create words like “congreeing” and “congreeted,” which are certain words I have never heard in an average conversation, or ever! But Shakespeare did coin the terms “lonely” and “majestic,” which are words we use in everyday speech.

Imagine without Shakespeare; you wouldn’t be able to be critical of anyone or anything! Not because he made an array of swear words, but because he literally coined the word “critical.” But now that we are on the topic of Shakespearian insults, the next time you get into an argument make sure to come at them with this doozy created by Shakespeare: “Away you moldy rogue, away!”

Furthermore, people wouldn’t be able to “rant,” be “zany,” take “luggage” to the airport, or even have “swagger.” Swagger! That annoying word you hear in all the new pop songs was created by Shakespeare, himself! So, you have him to thank.

Perhaps you can be the Shakespeare of a new language! But first, you have to learn that new language before you can start developing new words for it.

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