Sharing LingoHut and Making New Friends

Zandvoort, Netherlands

We enjoyed promoting LingoHut at a beach town in the Netherlands “Zandvoort”.  Zandvoort is called the Amsterdam beach since it is only a 30-minute train ride before you are sitting on the beach.

I spent the month of November with high winds, cold weather and lots of rain.  I’m sure you are asking yourself, what are you doing at a beach during this season?  You see the best time to share LingoHut with locals in a tourist area is during offseason.

Extreme sports

After my talks with the locals. I liked going on a long walk on the beach.  Yes, all bundled up in my coat, scarf, and warm hat.  I’m always amazed at people that do extreme sports. I was able to speak with Neils for a second before he got in the frigid north sea to go kitesurfing.  He shared he had been kitesurfing for four years and that this is his favorite season because of the high winds. I asked him what motivated him to get into the cold water he smiled and said check it out you will know why, as he went into the water.  Enjoy the video of this young man having fun with his hobby.

Watch these crazy guys kitesurfing in the North Sea

I do not understand the “high” he gets from being in the cold water, it is not for me, but that does not matter all.  What is important is that he understands why he loves it so much. We all have a different vision of what bring us enjoyment.  Some like to rock climbing or kitesurfing and others prefer collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, or learning a new language.

No matter what hobby you pursue all skills take dedication, discipline, and practice before becoming self-confident.  If you want to try something new like learning a language? Or pick up parasailing? Always give yourself a break at the start of your journey and rejoice when you become skills because you deserve it. Like us on Facebook.

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