Should I Write in the Language I am Learning? – Professor Jargonstein

Writing is an excellent way to progress in your language learning goals. It allows you to really think about grammar structure. Plus, it gives you time to recall more complex vocabulary that you might not otherwise use in conversation.

This is how Day Translations describes the importance of writing in language learning: “Writing’s primary advantage as an output language-learning method over speaking is the slowness of the process. Speaking and writing are closely related. Both prompt you to think on your own and use the words you know to create sentences you wish to write. Writing could be described as speaking in slow motion because you have more time to think about the words to use.”

However, keep in mind that the way people write in a language and the way people speak in a language may be different. There are conventions that are common to say in speech that are never really used in written form, and vice-versa.

Here are some ideas for you to start writing:

  1. Keep a simple journal/diary.
  2. Make your grocery lists in the language you are learning.
  3. Find a pen pal online to write messages back and forth in the language.

Happy writing! Thank you for joining us Professor Jargonstein!

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