Sighnaghi, Georgia – The City of Love

Our driver Klemens was outstanding. After a 2-hour drive, we came around a bend, and he said, “are you ready to see something beautiful?” So both Philipp and I perked up to see a glimmer of terracotta rooftops peeking above a lush knot of the jungle.  I immediately said, “can we stop? I must get a picture” he smiled and said, “of course, and you will be taking many more pictures. ” Signagi was our first taste of the Georgian countryside, “welcome to Signagi, the city of love,” said Klemens.

Smallest town

Signagi (also written Sighnaghi) is Georgia’s smallest town, known as the city of love. The pastel houses with wooden fretwork balconies and narrow, cobblestone streets. It is in Kakheti, the heart of Georgia’s wine-growing region, its picturesque landscapes, 75 km east from Tbilisi. So why is Signagi known as the city of love? It is because anyone can marry any time of the day.

LingoHut’s day in Sighnaghi

The day was warm and sunny, a perfect day to walk up and down the lovely streets of this quaint town. Churches rose high above the sea of rust-colored rooftops. Klemens explained that some buildings have never been occupied since the update in 2007. Many of these facade buildings were never meant to be live in. it is a disguise that makes this small town of only 2500 people look grander. We had the opportunity to go into one of the so-called homes; there was no back wall to it, it overlooked some stunning views from the inside of what seemed to be home.

Mexican restaurant in Sighnaghi

We walked by a restaurant named Pancho Villa; I was like, wow, a Mexican restaurant in Signagi.  We must try it and see what it is like, we were pleasantly surprised. The owner greeted us and did an excellent job in recreating Mexican flavors and dishes with Georgian ingredients. The place had a lot of character with perky red walls and stunning views of the valley. If in Signagi this restaurant is a place to visit.

After a few delicious appetizers, we proceeded to walk toward the fortress wall.  You can walk on the top, which looks over the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains, presenting enchanting views in every direction.

A beautiful tradition

We proceeded to take a long walk up a steep hill to visit the local cemetery.  It was worth the walk.  Each tomb had a table and seats where family members could visit their loved ones as they drink some of the delicious wine from the region. Klemens told us that before they took a sip, they would pour a bit over the grave so they could all drink together again.  What a beautiful tradition.

Few things can prepare you for the incredibly beautiful of Signagi, and we were blessed to have a deeply knowledgeable tour guide who is now a true friend of ours.

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