The Importance of Reading – Professor Jargonstein

Jargonstein joins us to tell us the importance of reading in the language you are learning.

Daniel Dong on Medium says the following about reading in a language you are learning: “Reading, even at a slow pace exposes students to more sentences, grammar, and new vocabulary per minute than the average, short class, TV show, or song. This is why students who read foreign books are able to speak more fluently than students who don’t, despite having done the same amount of classes.”

Reading in a new language is incredibly important and will help you better understand the language. However, when you are early in the language learning process, you should be a bit careful with your reading. If you are not great with the pronunciation of the language yet, you may be reading things incorrectly, which then leads to terrible habits in the language.

However, once you have a good understanding of pronunciation, reading will help accelerate your learning. So what are some ways you can read?

  1. Pick up childrens’ books or comic books in the language. The comic books help give you context on the language.
  2. Put subtitles of the language on the shows and movies your watch. Better yet, watch the movies and shows in the language ALSO with the subtitles that way you are hearing and reading it at the same time.
  3. Change your settings on your Facebook or a similar website to the language you are learning.
  4. Find resources online! There is a plethora of resources you can find online with simple language that you can understand.

Make sure to find something at you level. If you are reading treatises with complex vocabulary in the language, you will probably not pick up a lot of useful information or practice.

Now what are you waiting for? Go out and read! Time to learn a language by reading!

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