The Size of Your Canvas

We all have constraints in our lives. The limitations determine the size of your canvas you must work with.  What you paint on it is up to you.

  • You only have 15 minutes to spare each day to workout? So be it. That is the side of your canvas. Your job is to make each workout a work of art.
  • You only have 10 minutes to spare to learn a language? Make it count. That is the side of your canvas. Your job is to make the learning time a work of art.
  • You only have $200 for a vacation? Better than nothing.  That is the side of your canvas. Your job is to make your vacation a work of art.

Life gives us all similar constraints.

Constraints are not the enemy. So often we spend time complaining about the things that are withheld from us and not enough time enjoying our work of art.  We hear comments such as: “I don’t have time for a workout.” “I don’t have time to learn a new language” or “I never have money to go on vacation.”  Every artist has a limited set of tools to work with. Every athlete has a limited set of skills to train with.  Every entrepreneur has a limited amount of resources to build with.  Once you understand your constraints, you can figure out how to work with them.

Don’t think of them as the enemy; constraints inspire you to be creative and think outside of the box.

If you have a child at home that takes up most of your day, you figure out more creative ways to get some exercise.  If you have limited funds and time to learn a language, you figure our more creative ways to learn for free and on your schedule. If you’re a photographer and you forget most of your lens, you figure out more creative ways to capture the perfect picture with the one lens you have.  Limitation drives you to figure out solutions.

Time is on your side. Scheduling can minimize the constraints of time. Time constraints can be difficult to work around, but a calendar works wonders.  If you schedule it and do not move it to the side when it comes up to do at another time; you might even like time constraints. Time constraint forces you to get something done and does not allow you to procrastinate.  That is why I think go-getters set a schedule for their day while procrastinators wait until they feel motivated . Time constraint can force you to produce a work of art.

Once you know your constraints, you can start figuring out how to work within them.

  • You can find a website that teaches languages for free.
  • You can watch and do a workout program while you child naps for your exercise.
  • You can get an AirB&B and go to a town close to your’s and have a relaxing time with out going far and breaking the bank.

Remember it is all about the size of your canvas. Stay within your boundaries and create a beautiful work of art.  Enjoy your life and set realistic goals.

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