We’re All Driven By Values

Our responses to people, work, family, politics, faith, culture, diversity, products, attitudes toward the environment, tolerance to foreigners and ethnic minorities, support for gender equality, the impact of globalization, national identity, insecurity, fear all of it hinges on values.

Depending on the stage of life you’re in values can change.  Our experiences are the guide to form values.  As people, we are always experiencing something new that might change our mind about our earlier behaviors and values.  Before you can change the embedded value, you must change your behavior which will be challenging for sure.

It is like changing your native language to a new language. It is not easy; it has been embedded in you since birth.  But one can learn another language like a native, but it takes, time, dedication, practice, commitment but most important discipline.

But before you change them or revise them, you must understand what values are? How do you learn them? How do they affect our lives?

Get a cup of coffee and enjoy the video

Do you know how values affected your life? Will you be able to change some of your values? Can you recognize when you acquired the value and why?

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