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How many guests can sit at this dinner table?
Is there enough wine/beer/champagne?
Do we have soft drinks and fruit juice?
I've set the table for six people.
It’s going to be a three course meal.
In between courses there will be enough time to have a smoke.
Water from the tap will do fine.
I’ll go to the supermarket tomorrow.
I’ve made a chicken dish instead of fish.
Don’t forget to take the salmon out of the oven in time!
Which wine goes well with this dish?
I think our guests will arrive in one hour.
I don’t think Harry should sit beside Sally.
Why are you panicking?
Is it too late to order some Chinese?
It looks wonderful and smells amazing.
How long did this dinner take you to make?
These knives are quite blunt.
This combination of tomatoes and soy sauce dressing is heavenly.
Have another helping of potatoes if you like.
I think I ate too much, I need to lie down for a bit.
You should start your own restaurant!