Embark on a linguistic journey through the moments that shape our days with Chinese Lesson 82, "Time Expressions." Imagine the ability to effortlessly communicate when to meet, when to dine, and when to set out on new adventures. This Chinese lesson is your key to mastering the art of time-related Chinese phrases.

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From the break of "Morning" to the tranquility of "Midnight," you'll learn how to effortlessly convey the different segments of the day. "Tonight" and "Last night" open doors to recounting experiences and planning upcoming ones. With "Today," "Tomorrow," and "Yesterday" at your disposal, you'll share your plans, reflect on past events, and project into the future with clarity and confidence.

Time expressions :: Chinese vocabulary

How do you say in Chinese? Morning; Afternoon; Evening; Night; Midnight; Tonight; Last night; Today; Tomorrow; Yesterday;

Chinese Lesson 82 empowers you to become a time traveler of sorts, as you grasp expressions that intricately weave into the fabric of daily life. "Evening" brings to mind cozy gatherings, while "Afternoon" conjures images of productivity and relaxation. From "Night" to "Tomorrow," you'll paint vivid pictures of moments and memories. Armed with this Chinese vocabulary, you'll effortlessly navigate conversations, schedule meetups, and share your experiences with precision. So embrace the rhythm of time with your newfound linguistic toolkit, and watch as your connections deepen and your conversations become more vibrant.