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Ever found yourself parched in a foreign country, not knowing how to ask for a simple glass of water? This French lesson takes you through the terminology for a wide variety of drinks—from the caffeinated allure of coffee and the soothing serenity of tea to the fizz of soft drinks and the natural sweetness of juice. Next time you're seated at a café, you won't just be sipping your drink; you'll be savoring the words that describe it.

Drinks :: French vocabulary

Quench your thirst for language mastery with French Lesson 70, where you'll immerse yourself in the French vocabulary of drinks. Drinks are universal; whether it's a hot cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning or a refreshing glass of water to keep you hydrated, these words will come in handy in many scenarios. You'll learn how to order a drink, specify your preferences, and even make small talk about beverages in the language you're studying.

In this French lesson, you'll get to know the terms for some of the most common drinks people enjoy worldwide. Coffee lovers will find delight in the French vocabulary that allows them to discuss their favorite brews, while tea aficionados can look forward to steeping their language skills along with their tea leaves. If you're not into hot drinks, no worries! We've got you covered with words for various juices and soft drinks. You'll even learn how to politely ask for a glass of water, specifying whether you want it 'with ice' or not. It's an exploration of taste, one sip at a time.