Teach yourself Slovenian

If you're planning on hitting up flea markets, bazaars, or even mainstream stores for sales and discounts, this Slovenian lesson will be your guide to navigating price points and making wise shopping decisions.

Negotiating a price :: Slovenian vocabulary

Haggling can be an art form, and with Slovenian Lesson 58, you're on your way to becoming a pro negotiator. Price negotiations are a big part of many cultures, and understanding the right terms can give you an edge.

Learn Slovenian phrases and questions like "How much does it cost?" and "It is too expensive," along with more complex terms like "Defective" or "Can you wrap it as a gift, please?". By the end of this Slovenian lesson, you'll know how to express concerns about an item's price and quality, request alternatives, and even discuss options like exchanges and returns. This Slovenian lesson has got you prepared for any buying scenario.