Do You Know How The Most Successful Projects Have Been Developed?

They have all been launched as a result of an exciting idea or even a dream. Mark Zuckerberg – a second-year student at Harvard University was inspired by an idea to have a great social study tool to exchange information, photos, opinions, and comments with his classmates. He created Facebook because he wanted to “fill in” the gap between people’s lives. And, of course, he didn’t expect to become famous in one night and to wake up as a millionaire.

When Skype was founded by Niklas Zennstrom from Sweden and Janus Friis from Denmark, their main idea was that users could make free calls to each other from anywhere in the world.

Skype actually stands for “Sky Peer to Peer.” That time they could not even imagine that they had prepared a perfect platform for online learning.

Lingostan has a similar story. It was founded by an Italian writer and poet and his business partner. The first one learned from his own experience (for the last two years he managed to master five languages to a good conversational level) that learning languages sometimes could be very tough… That’s why he really wants to open Lingostan as much as possible to every native speaker in the world and his dream is: “To reach even the rarest and weird language, because it’s not true that there are not enough students for such languages, but the opposite: there are not enough teachers!”

If you look at all these three stories more closely, you will notice a single red line connecting all of them. Certainly, it’s communication! In all three cases, the tools have been elaborated to facilitate the opportunity to talk. The need of communication for us, humans, is as crucial as air to breath and water to live. And if we need some air and at least a glass of water to maintain our body alive, then communication is indispensable to keep our hearts beating.

Why the newborns and toddlers are so assistless? Because they are not able to express their needs and desires in the fullest possible way, they become more consistent and stronger with every word pronounced correctly. The described situation can be compared with a process of learning a foreign language. Every language learner feels like a toddler at the beginning of the course. It’s essential to take it to the right spirit and to allow yourself – a serious adult to become a child for a while. And the most important task is to find a professional teacher, who can support, when stuttering over words and stumble over pronunciation, who can inspire and assure that success is near, the only required thing is to continue “walking” (practicing the language).

That’s why, as one of the learning option, Lingostan proposes to their students to start classes with a professional teacher. This option is a good fit for those language learners who are complete beginners (or “newborns” and “toddlers”). They have teachers from all over the Globe, so if you even prefer to take lessons with a teacher who speaks the same native language as you, would not be a problem. And yes, one more thing, it’s you that manage your schedule and set up the date and time of the lessons.

If your foreign language skills achieved a “preteen’s” or even a “teenager’s” level, then you can try to use the second option. The best way to improve conversational skills is to have a conversation with a native speaker. There is a huge list of tutors on Lingostan, so, spend some time for reviewing their profiles, watching presentation videos and reading their introductions. It will help you a lot to shortlist the candidates and to find the best fit for you. After having completed the research and being left with several strong candidates in mind, who might be entitled to be your tutor and friend in the nearest time, take a first lesson (you have three free trials), then, finally, choose the person that you deem will be the most friendly one to start a conversation with and go ahead! Be sure, Lingostan tutors will help you to master your level of proficiency within the shortest possible time.

No matter, how old we are, teachers and tutors are always waiting for you. Enjoy learning and have fun with Lingostan!

LingoHut and Lingostan are not partners.  We share each other’s services with our students, so you know all the language learning resources available. LingoHut always welcome input from our students about our collaborators.

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