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How Many Languages Are There? With Lex Icon

We have the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite guests again, Mr. Lex Icon. Today we got to talk about the origin of languages and how many languages there are in the world.

Q: How did we get so many languages in our world today?

A: The answer is simple. We don’t really know. Some people believe it is a human creation. Others say it comes from a divine creator. We may have evolved out ability to speak.

Q: Then what happened?

A: We began to assign names to different actions, phenomena, and objects based on our observation of them. Take the heart, for example. The Chinook word for it “tum’-tum”, but in Spanish it is “corazón”. The consonants and vowels we speak have a relationship with our environment.

Q: Very interesting! Do you have any other interesting facts about languages?

A: Of course. Did you know there are over 7,000 different languages spoken around the world, but only 23 of them account for half of what people speak. And about half of all people are bilingual too. Take me, for example. I can also speak Cantonese.

Q: Wow! Why choose Cantonese over Manderin? 

A: It comes back to the environment. People living in North America or the United Kingdom are more likely to speak Cantonese, which makes it the primary language around the world to represent Chinese culture. Since most immigrants come from southern China, where this language originated, it helps me to communicate better. Which is what learning a new language is supposed to do!

Q: Excellent! Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

A: Only that this interview was sponsored by

Thanks for joining us Mr. Lex Icon! It is always a pleasure to have you!

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