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Indian Language Facts With Lex Icon

Once again we are thrilled to have Lex Icon with us to share with us his knowledge on language. This time we want to take a closer look at the Indian language. Let’s see what facts about the Indian language he knows!

Q: The constitution of India doesn’t give any language the status of being a national language. What does that mean for the country?

A: India is such a fascinating place, and Hindi is the official language of the government. But there are 22 ‘scheduled’ languages that have recognition. There are also classical languages that are part of the culture.

Q: What do you find interesting about these different languages?

A: I find Malayalam very fascinating. Did you know this language, which is spoken in the state of Kerala, is the longest palindrome in the English language?

Q: M-A-L-A-Y-A-L-A-M. Hey! You’re right!

A: I also appreciate India because it is one of the few places in the world where people speak Sanskrit as their primary language.

Q: Let’s come back to Hindi for a moment. What are some interesting facts you know about this language?

A: Some of my favorite words come from Hindi. When we describe a jungle stay in a “bungalow” or talk about “karma”, these ideas all come from this language.

Q: I have also found that Hindi seems quite easy to learn when you first get started.

A: That does tend to be the case. Although everyone learns languages in their own unique way. Hindi is phonetic. That means the script is pronounced in the way it is written. It’s also very free of articles which means you don’t have to learn the “a” or “the” equivalents when you start.

Thank you for joining us again Mr. Lex Icon, and sharing your knowledge on India and Indian language facts!

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