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Italian Language Facts with Lex Icon

Lex Icon is back to tell us about Italy and its languages! Thank you for giving us this interview, Mr. Lex Icon! Let’s dig into some interesting Italian language facts.

Q: I love Italian because it is quite young as a language. Like me!

A: That is true. Italian didn’t become a single official language until the 19th century. There are texts all over just a thousand years old that use it, though. Maybe age is more about perspective than a number.

Q: What do you find interesting about Italian as a language?

A: I think it is interesting there are only 21 letters in it. If you were to compare it to English, than the letters J, K, W, X, and Y are missing. If you see a word containing these letters in writing, than you know this word was borrowed from another language. 

Q: How often do you think we use Italian everyday without using it?

A: It happens quite often. Italian is the official language of classical music. So the terms musicians learn when playing a piece all come from Italian. I know I love a good “crescendo” every now and then.

Q: As do I! When I listen to Italian, many of the words sound familiar to that of other languages. Am I just hearing things or are there similarities out there?

A: You have a good ear. Italian shares almost 90% of its vocabulary with French. It also shares 92% similar to Spanish and Portuguese. And 77% similarity to the vocabulary of Romanian. That is why it tends to be a lot easier to learn all these languages together.

We are forever in debt to you for these awesome interviews, Mr. Lex Icon! We didn’t know all of these facts about Italian! We can’t wait to have you again.

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