Piedras y Piedritas

In the bustling city of Montevideo, Uruguay, lies the Mercado Agricola de Montevideo, a hub of activity for locals and tourists alike. One of the market’s most unique and beloved stalls is “Piedras y Piedritas,” which translates to “Stones and Pebbles.”

The stall is run by a friendly couple, Diego and Virginia, who have been selling their handmade stone jewelry and crafts for over 20 years. Their display table is a colorful array of polished stones, crystals, and fossils, all meticulously arranged and labeled. The couple is always happy to share their knowledge of each stone’s properties and origins with customers who are interested.

Diego and Virginia’s products are truly one of a kind. Each piece is crafted with care and precision, using a combination of natural stones and metal wire. The jewelry ranges from delicate wire-wrapped pendants to chunky statement necklaces, all featuring unique stones and crystals. The stall also sells a variety of decorative items, such as stone figurines and wind chimes.

But what really sets “Piedras y Piedritas” apart is the couple’s dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They make a point of only using stones and crystals that have been ethically mined, and they prioritize working with local suppliers. In addition, they use recycled materials for their packaging and displays whenever possible.

Diego and Virginia are passionate about their work, and it shows in every aspect of their stall. They take great care to provide a welcoming and informative experience for their customers, always willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their craft. And their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing sets an inspiring example for other artisans and vendors in the market.

If you’re ever in Montevideo, be sure to stop by “Piedras y Piedritas” in the Mercado Agricola de Montevideo. It’s a true gem of a stall, run by two wonderful people who are making a positive impact in their community and beyond.

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